Managing Partner Message

Globalization of the world economy and technology is advancing at an accelerated pace. Dreams and expectations are rising for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. At the same time, economic uncertainties triggered by the US-China trade war seems to have cast a shadow on our future. 

During these times of change, people having “Dreams”, “Hopes”, “Uncertainties” and experiencing “Ordeals” are moving faster than we have anticipated, and we, as an audit firm should continuously ask ourselves “What should we achieve for? ” and “What is our expected role?.  We as individuals need to challenge ourselves and keep innovating and is our response in meeting the expectations of society. 

We, BDO Sanyu & Co., will be faced with new challenges starting from September 1, 2018 and I want to emphasize the key message of our firm.

The first key message is “Being Thankful.” Society is based on people supporting each other. We, as an audit firm exist in this society and play a key role in society. We need to thank all those individuals and colleagues we interact with and in doing so we as an audit firm can continue to play a key role in society.

The second key message is “Trust”. We will pursue three forms of trust. Trust in the results we produce for stakeholders in the capital markets, trust in services for clients and trust in our partners and employees. We will not place emphasis in one particular form of trust but always keep in back of our minds the importance of all three forms of trust. 

The third key message is the three “C” s. “Cooperation”, “Communication” and “Challenge” which make up the backbone of our firm’s “Culture.”  We are not just a firm of brilliant individuals. Our firm is made up of highly qualified professionals cooperating as a team in producing results. Since society can only exist by assisting others, communication is the act in interacting with others. In order to keep up with the times, we should not be afraid of failure. Everyone from partners to young staff must have the spirit to tackle challenges. We are confident that the 3 C’s should make up our firm’s culture to get over any uncertainties and ordeals and will ensure we as a firm can achieve our goals and get closer to our dreams.

Based on the 3 key messages, we started assessing our firm’s governance structure and firm’s operations to meet the objective of being known as the ideal audit firm and be known as the “Only One” firm.  In the marketplace, we are to be known as the “Only One” firm for society, corporations and audit industry. To continue to exist as an audit firm in the future, we will emphasize the importance of trust and expect to play a key role in the capital markets as the “Only One” audit firm. 

BDO Sanyu & Co.

Tomohiro Koto, Managing Partner