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  • Firm’s Response to the Government’s Declaration of a State of Emergency

Firm’s Response to the Government’s Declaration of a State of Emergency

08 April 2020

Following the Japanese government’s state of emergency declaration, we want to inform you that our firm has taken the following measures to prevent the spreading of the Novel Coronavirus disease (hereafter known as”COVID-19”).

Period for the COVID 19 State of Emergency:  April 9, 2020 - May 6, 2020
COVID-19 Emergency Response Measures
1.Safety of all engaged parties and employees of the firm, and their family members.
2. Maximum measures to ensure the reliability of the client’s financial report.

Emergency Response Guidelines in Addressing COVID-19
1.Ensure the safety of all engaged parties of the firm, all employees and their family members
1)  In principle everybody must “Work from Home”.
2)  We will only allow staff to work outside their homes (such as the client’s office or firm’s office) for exceptional reasons after obtaining the supervisor’s approval, only if the individual is working in a work space which avoids the following 3 High Cluster Risks (known as the “Three C’s):
  I. Closed spaces with insufficient ventilation
  II. Crowded conditions with people
  III. Conversations in short distance.
3)  For audit teams, full audit team members are strictly prohibited in working in the same room. (Measure to prevent spreading the infection.)
2. Audit Quality Standards
1) Ensure reliable audit standards are conducted in gaining the trust of the capital markets.
2) Ensure unreasonable audit procedures and decisions are not being performed.

COVID-19 Measures
1) Closure of all offices and suspension of telephone inquiries in all areas impacted by the state of emergency (which include the Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka offices)
2) Refusal of all outside visitors to our offices in areas impacted by the state of emergency
3) Cancellation of all seminars and events
4) Outside visits are prohibited, however brief visits will be allowed in settings which meet the guidelines described above.
5) Domestic and international business trips are prohibited.
Safety for the firm’s interested parties and their families, as well as our all employees and their families is the highest priority and we will need the cooperation of our clients and contacts to persevere through these difficult unprecedented times.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and want deeply thank you for your understanding and cooperation.