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The global economic environment is rapidly becoming borderless
and more complex.
In order to keep pace,BDO Tax Co. makes use of globa lnetworks
and timely information to respond to clients' varying needs
with professionalism.

This is our basic philosophy.

We are dedicated to satisfying our clients by providing services according to our three key policies:
1. Providing high-level international tax and services
2. Assisting venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises
3. Strengthening alliances with tax accountants in local accountancy firms

We make use of BDO International's worldwide network to provide a complete range of international tax services. Furthermore, as a member of the BDO Group, we have close alliances with local tax accountancy firms. Our structure enables us to respond speedily and appropriately to a variety of tax issues, which are becoming increasingly complex in today's environment.

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